Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Shaun the sheep cake

Last week-end we went to a very special little girl's party. Elsa turned 2 and loves Shaun the I made her a Shaun the Sheep cake.

We are very grateful for Elsa and her lovely family! We met them when we had just lived in Jönköping a few weeks and they have been wonderful friends to us since then.

This cake is made with a vanilla sponge recipe that you can find here.
Inside, the cake layers were alternated with cream, strawberry puré and white chocolate! It tasted good and quite fresh as well...except the frosting. I always think that the frosting is too sweet, but to get a cake looking really nice, it usually has to have quite a bit of frosting on it. But I suppose if it is too sweet, you don't need to eat it all ;-).

Hope you all have a wonderful day!



Anonymous said...

Wow, thats amazing

Heidi W. Schmit said...

Thank you ;-)

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